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So what do UK Sandbags get up to in the Summer months? We don’t just concentrate on floods and flood defence, we also provide sand filled sandbags to Traffic Management Companies throughout the year to be used as ballast for their road signs. We get asked to provide sand filled hessian sandbags so that demolition companies can pack their explosives, the film and TV industry seek us out when they need sandbags as props and drainage and utility companies always need to maintain a good stock of sandbags.

We also get requests for different fill materials, from LWA filled sandbags to sand/cement mixes for World War One Theme Park installations. It doesn’t stop at the fill material either, just recently we have been involved in the restoration of a Neolithic Burial Chamber in South Wales, where specialist geo-textile bags were filled with a specialist premium top soil. These filled bags will then grass over, providing a fantastic finish which will fit in perfectly with the surrounding area.

Water demolition companies also need to control the flow of water that they have produced.

Whatever your requirements for filled bags are, UK Sandbags are in the perfect position to be able to help. Our machinery, staff, customer service and logistics arrangements ensure that our clients get what they need when they need it most.