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Flood Warnings



It is fair to say that the UK’s run of particularly wet and stormy weather will continue over the course of this winter. Looking over the Met Offices statistics from December 2013 to January 2014 can we expect more of the same this year?
Fight the Flood -25 January 2017
The British weather is notoriously unpredictable. UK Sandbags will be able to help you protect your home or business no matter what the weather conditions throw at us.
Flood Action Plans -31 October 2016
Preparing a flood plan because your home is at risk of heavy flooding can seem like it might be difficult, but there are many resources out there that can help you through the process. So that you have peace of mind and the resources in place to minimise the damage caused by flood water, you need to ensure you have a plan that can be used at a moments notice.
Flash Foods -15 September 2016
Businesses and people were shocked due to the recent surprise flash floods in Manchester and Cornwall.
Sandbags for Sale -26 July 2016
UK Sandbags have a wide variety of different sandbags for sale you will be able to protect your home or business regardless of the weather conditions.
Spring has finally sprung and, although there are a few summer floods around the UK, it will be no where near as wet and flood stricken as it is in the Winter months.
Types of Flooding -27 October 2015
There are different types of flooding that affect households and businesses around the UK.
Flood Barriers for Doors -23 October 2015
There is no reason why you should need anything more than sandbags to protect your property, they work perfectly as flood barriers for doors. The people who still suffer from water ingress when using sandbags as a flood protection measure are the ones that haven’t used them properly.
Self Inflating Sandbags -20 October 2015
Our self inflating sandbags are proving to be quite popular for people in their homes and small businesses.
What Would You Choose? -09 October 2015
Just last week, the A1 Motoway in Yorkshire was closed due to flooding. The rain was relentless and UK Sandbags were inundated with calls from local authorities, businesses and residents to supply our sand filled sandbags all around the county.